2017 PSA Committees

Associates Committee
Chair - Martin Luttrell
Don Lusk, Darin Justus, Casey Meggers

Biotechnology / Legislative
Chair – Sam Cable
Nicole Hostert, John Palmer, Bill Merrigan, Chase MacPherran

Convention Committee
Chair – Robert Todd
Katy Soden, Mike Ingham, Sam Cable

Field Seed Committee
Chair – Kevin Miller
Chuck Deatheridge, Michael Rascon, Nicole Hostert, David Lockwood, John Palmer, Ron Brandt, Gina Lohns, Joe Baglietto

Turf Seed Committee
Chair – Bill Merrigan
Dean Browning, Ron Duerst, Sam Cable

Vegetable Seed Committee
Chair – Gina Lohns
Aaron Philips, John Mizicko

Grant Baglietto

Membership Committee
Chair – Kathy Hutton
Kevin Miller, Mike Ingham, Robert Todd

Native Plants / Organics Committee
Chair – Mike Ingham
Kathy Hutton, Kevin Miller, Denver Black, Rick Meyer, Mark Mustoe

Nominating Committee
Chair – Past President Mike Ingham
Bill Merrigan, Ron Brandt, Rob Duerst, Joe Baglietto, Chuck Deatheridge, Stu Barclay, Kathy Hutton

Pacific Seedswoman’s Division
Chair – First Lady Laurie Todd
Barb Ingham, Marlene Cable

Technology, Communication & Research Committee
Chair – Denver Black
Mindy Duerst, Amy Jenness, Jessica Hoard, Chase MacPherran, Ryan Randall

Scholarship Committee
Chair – Nicole Hostert
Katy Soden, Robert Todd, Bill Merrigan, Duane Klundt, Karen Krych, Amy Jenness, Joe Baglietto

Committee Job Descriptions

CONVENTION: Prepare and submit a convention budget to the board of directors for approval. Appoint necessary chairman and committees to handle all details of convention. Work closely with president and executive secretary. Make all advance arrangements with the convention site management. Plan adequate meeting spaces and reserve a block of rooms based on previous attendance. Work with Executive Secretary on mailings, tickets, convention program, and printing.

The Committee Chair shall assist the President of the Association in selecting the PSA'S Person of The Year to be honored at the Annual Meeting. The Person of the Year to be selected shall be, preferably, a plant scientist for outstanding research in genetics, cytogenetics, or breeding of plants in the employ of a public institution. Have the committee members keep the chairman informed of outstanding events and persons in their respective areas.

FIELD SEED-TURF SEED-VEGETABLE SEED: Appoint crop reporters. Solicit suggestions from committee members regarding ideas for meeting at Annual Convention. Present these plans to the Directors at their annual Mid-winter board meeting.

Responsible for all other matters which should be presented to the Committee or Board of Directors relative to the turf and field seed, or vegetable seed segment.

Advise the Legislative Committee of any changes that might occur or be projected affecting the various laws and regulations concerning field, turf, or vegetable seeds. Obtain crop information from area reporters for presentation to members at the Annual Convention. Plan and conduct seed meeting that will be of interest to the membership during the Annual Meeting of the Association.

HISTORIAN: Collect and save all records, pictures, minutes, programs, etc. concerning the activities of the Pacific Seed Association with the help of the executive secretary.

LEGISLATIVE: Act as a clearing house for state and federal legislation which may or could have an effect on seedsmen producing, marketing or distributing seed within the area covered by PSA and seeds marketed elsewhere.

To attain this objective the chairman should, at frequent intervals, be in contact with the members of the committee to point to legislative action or pending legislation as it pertains to seed. The chairman should encourage the committee members to, by correspondence, keep in contact with one another during the year on any matters of legislative nature, which may come to their attention. In exchange of such correspondence it is highly desirable for the sender to make a copy available to the chairman and each committee member.

A copy of any exchange of correspondence relating to legislative matters should also be sent to the president, first vice president, secretary-treasurer, and the executive secretary.

Experience over the years has indicated that legislative matters in a state can best be handled by seeds-men conducting business therein.

It would be extremely beneficial to PSA if the chairman of this committee could be a member of the American Seed Trade Association legislative committee. Report matters of importance to the two regular board meetings and the annual convention.

MEMBERSHIP: Be responsible for the solicitation of new membership in accordance with the eligibility, classification and other requirements of membership as may be prescribed by the By-laws of this association. Upon appointment to this committee, the appointee will forward to his chairman, a list of those persons, firms or corporations he will solicit for membership. The chairman will compile said lists and circularize same to the board of directors for their consideration. As soon as possible thereafter, the chairman will notify each committeeman of these prospects who are deemed eligible for membership and the committeeman will then make his formal presentation.

Signed applications with check for first year's dues attached will be returned to the solicitor and then forwarded to the chairman for presentation to the board of directors for their approval and subsequent final approval by the membership at a regular annual convention. Checks will be sent promptly to the Executive Secretary for deposit. The chairman will finally submit all approved applications to the executive secretary.

NECROLOGY: Gather information about the death of anyone connected by activity or by relationship with the seed industry in the PSA area. Secure the following information for each deceased person so connected: full name, age, company affiliated with, and/or relationship, and date of death. Assemble all such information and present to board of directors and membership at annual meeting.

NOMINATING: The nominating committee shall be guided in their selection of individuals to serve the association on the basis of an individual's ability. interest, and participation in the affairs of the association. The association By-laws state: "Other than the officers and the retiring president, no more than two of the other directors may reside in any one state of the United States."

The committee should be composed of past presidents. It shall be the duty of this committee to present at each annual meeting the names of Individuals to be: president, 1st vice president, 2nd vice president, secretary-treasurer, and six directors, including the retiring president.

In order to maintain an effective balance in the association’s "officers' and directors structure due consideration should be given to:

  1. Geographical location.
  2. Only one person from any one company in any year.
  3. Equitable distribution from the principal segments of the industry.
  4. The president each year should, whenever possible: a. Come from a different geographical location. b. Come from a different segment of the Industry.
  5. To maintain balance there must be a degree of flexibility in the number of years a director may serve. Normally, our association should strive for a director to serve two years.

SCHOLARSHIP: Responsible for developing or improving a scholarship program applicable at the university level for agricultural colleges in the PSA area. Work with the Executive Secretary to assist investing the basic funds in a manner that will provide interest income for use as a base for the scholarship program. Disseminate Information regarding the program to Agricultural Universities in the PSA area. Arrange for interviews of applicants. Arrange for scholarship awards in a manner that will provide in formation and material that can be used in the PSA public relations program.

TECHNOLOGY, COMMUNICATION & RESEARCH COMMITTEE: Help publicize all-important activities of the Pacific Seedsmen's Association pertinent to the Western seed industry.

The Chairman is to report to the Board of Directors at the regular meetings.

Search for research projects that are of use or need to the seed industry and to promote all possible such projects, especially work done by governmental agencies In the PSA area. Give suitable acknowledgement to individuals who have advanced any type of seed technology by public acclaim and by presentation of PSA plaques.

Keep board and members informed of the activity of the committee so all will know or new innovations.